A Guide to Making Your Own Cosmetics and Makeup.

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A guide to making your own cosmetics and makeup


Ever wanted to make your own makeup, but had absolutely no idea where to start?

There's a massive amount of information right at your fingertips, but it's difficult sifting through the wealth of information on the internet. For this reason, I have decided to compile a list of trustworthy websites and blogs that will start you off in the right direction. Soon you will be creating your very own DIY eyeshadows, lipglosses, highlighters and many other products. 

One of the most fantastic resources on the internet is a site ran by a wonderful lady called Susan. Her blog, called switchcraftmonkey  has a variety of information regarding formulas and ingredients. Please be aware that Susan spends a long time compiling all her invaluable information, therefore she is unable to assist you with specific formulas of your own. If you need help creating your own formula, then  I suggest that it is best to hire the help of a cosmetic formulator/lab. 

Another fabulous resource, chemistscorner, contains in-depth information and recommendations from people who have worked in the cosmetics industry themselves. Have a thorough read through the site to gain tips and tricks regarding formulation services, business ideas and recipes. 

Mystic Moments sells almost anything and everything in the world of oils and liquid ingredients for makeup and cosmetics. Many cosmetics require raw liquids as part of the recipe so this is a great place to shop. We currently do not sell raw liquid ingredients for you to incorporate in to your DIY cosmetics (but may do in  the future so keep an eye out). Mystic Moments are also very competitive on price so it's great option for those on a budget.

Lotion Crafter is another great site, although they are based in the US so shipping could be slightly more expensive for overseas customers. 

You could potentially be saving yourself thousands of ££ . What's even better is that you know EXACTLY what's going in to your makeup, meaning you have complete control over the ingredients that you decide to incorporate in to your cosmetics. No more nasties!


If you know of any other sites, blogs, online stores, youtube channels etc, please feel free to comment below! In the meantime, check out our cosmetic mica powder and pigments to get you started on your DIY makeup journey.

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